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The last league results are in and top honours have been decided
This year's AGM will be held on Monday 25th June 2018, 7:30 @ WPRC

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2017-18 Information
25-Jun-18 This year's AGM will be held on Monday 25th June 2018, 7:30 @ WPRC (click here for last years AGM minutes) nb any proposals for rule changes must be submitted in writing to the League Secretary before 4th June 2018.
The fees for 2018-19 will be TTE £16, MCTTL £8, combined £24. Where possible, will captains please bring a cheque for their team's fees to the AGM.
Any team failing to send a representative to vote for the team at the AGM will be fined an amount equal to one players MCTTL annual fee to be added to the teams total fees for the season. Apologies will not negate this liability.
22-May-18 Committee meeting.
7-Mar-18 Finals Night Seats form opened for bookings. Its only two weeks until finals night and we need to know quickly that enough people will support the event before we can order the buffet - please confirm seats promptly.
25-Feb-18 A team (Winsford) have just requested prior approval from Committee to use a substitute for a game when they had already used a sub 4 times previously. Committee approved this request and may propose a change to the rules at next AGM to relax or remove this restriction. However for the rest of the season all teams should still observe rule 13 and request prior committee approval for each occasion that they wish to use a sub beyond 4 occasions or that substitution may be ruled invalid. Committee wishes to assess the circumstances and form a view on the need for this rule.
20-Feb-18 I have added some columns to the right of the scoresheets to give some analysis of individual performances. These columns don't require any entry its just calculated from the normal entries. I don't know if its a good or bad thing let me know what you think. Maybe we'll decide if its worth continuing with at the next AGM.
14-Feb-18 Andrew Simpson the sports correspondent who write our reports in the Northwich Guardian has asked me to remind captains to please try to put some comments in the press notes box in every scorecard. Just notes will do it doesn't need to be carefully composed. Andrew does a sterling job trying to write something from the scores alone but any comments offered to draw attention to relevance in the table or exceptional performances will make his job easier and be greatly appreciated.
8-Feb-18 Attention everybody!! Because of venue problems. It has been necessary to bring forward finals night which will now be held on Wednesday 28th March 2018. It was previously planned for Wednesday 18/4/18.
The Wreckers vs Tigers game was referred to committee for adjudication.
Tigers received a 3 point penalty for failing to field a team or rearrange the fixture.
The committees adjudication was Wreckers 4 Tigers 6 therefore
the final result will be recorded as Wreckers 4 tigers 3.
6-Feb-18 Committee meeting
16-Jan-18 Committee have completed the format & draw for the second Sunday on 21/1/18 a few late places are still available in all events. Please see the schedule for details of when players are required for all events. click here
2-Jan-18 Committee have completed the format and draw for the first Sunday on 7/1/18 but up to 3 late places are still available for SuperVets singles and doubles, and entries will still be accepted for Div 2 and Div 3. Entries are still open for the events on 21/1/18.
19-Dec-17 Many thanks and Christmas wishes to Andrew Simpson of the Northwich Guardian who regularly posts wonderfully detailed commentary on the progress of MCTTL in the local paper. Click the following link to see Andrew's latest article. Sparks lead way in Mid Cheshire Table Tennis Super League after whitewash.
It was very disappointing to see that in the first week of the super league two first division teams played their matches with only two players. This is very disappointing for the opposition team and to some extent disrespectful of their time and commitment. Although there may be odd occasions where it is impossible to arrange a substitute captains are asked to always make all efforts to field a full team.
Captains are also asked to recognise that the substitute policy is not only there for the benefit of the team but can be very beneficial for players given the opportunity to play as substitutes, particularly those aspiring to play in the first (or a higher) division and particularly fast improving youth players. 
Other Leagues impose a fine on teams for playing without 3 players and this will be considered for adoption by the management committee if teams continue to play with less than a full team without giving the opportunity to substitutes.
30-Nov-17 We are trying to pool resources to support a seventh team for the third division
This is more for the benefit of the 6 teams currently in SL3 than it is for the benefit of the team itself.
We will hope to introduce new players coming into the league as the season progresses to give the team a more permenant basis going forward.
Working with only 6 teams in the division is undesireable because every week two teams have to sit out with a free week. One fee week is useful for a little flexibility in fitting in replays, but two is very hollow.
Other options for the seventh team have fallen through. So we are proposing to pool spare players from other team squads to back up Wanderers to keep the team going until it reaches a comfortably sized squad..
John Gregson will run the team and try to make sure a team is put out every week but captains are asked to support him by adding names to the list below if players from their squad are available but not playing for their own team in any given week.
John will be seeking support from committee to wave the normal Banding rules so that more players can become available to make this work
Players for Wanderers should normally be no higher than bands 7,8,9 or 10.
If someone would like to take on the role of Captain for Wanderes please email john
28-Nov-17 Some late corrections have been necessary on the Sl fixtures. The match nights for Daresbury & Winsford have been corrected to Tuesday.
22-Nov-17 I have been asked to clarify the double hit rule on the website. Accidental double hits are no longer illegal. This will be added to the Organisation page.

In the past, you were not allowed to hit the ball twice, so if the ball hit your finger, and then bounced off your finger and hit your bat, this was considered a double hit and you lost the point. If the ball had hit your hand and the bat at the same time, then this was not a double hit, and the rally would continue. In recent times the ITTF changed Law to say that the point is lost only if the ball is deliberately hit twice in succession, making it much easier to enforce this rule - accidental double hits (such as when the ball hits your finger and then hits the racket) are now legal, so all the umpire has to do is make sure that he believes the double hit was accidental, not intentional.


17-Nov-17 Late Change to Handicap - Cobras switched to home v Sparks, in case Sparks get a team together over the weekend. (clash with Manweb at home)
17-Nov-17 Bandings revision finalised and Handicap draw published/released for use.
14-Nov-17 Over the last few weeks and maybe a few more, some changes have been necessary to the website to switch to a different format forced onto us by changes of the Service provider - While making necessary changes I am trying to adapt to better suit mobile phone viewing, and also general updating. Apologies if the look and feel gets a little bit unstable. Anybody willing to help with web development please contact john.
8-Oct-17 Only one week of the qualifiers left then we move to the Handicap Knockout. To see the draw click here or on the Handicap Hotlink. N.B. THE BANDINGS WILL BE REVIEWED AFTER THE END OF THE FINAL WEEK OF THE QUALIFYING PERIOD, ONLY THE REVISED BANDINGS MUST BE USED IN THE HANDICAP.
31-Oct-17 "Simon Lafferty claims singles double for Raptors but Sparks prove too strong in Super League qualifier" new Guardianarticle here.
26-Oct-17 Two thirds of the way through qualifying and competition heats up - for who gets into the top two Superleague groups of seven.
24-Oct-17 "Sparks extend winning sequence to five matches in qualifying for Mid-Cheshire Table Tennis Super League" new Guardianarticle here.
17-Oct-17 "Ben Chan gives Terry Turner the chop as Tigers roar" new Guardian article here. 
Captains don't miss the opportunity to give your players a mention by putting something in the press notes area on the scoresheets - These will be read by Andrew at the Guardian who will try to incorporate them into his articles.
13-Oct-17 Captains - Please ensure that full names are inserted into the scorecard (including doubles) so that all players can be validated - nb the home captain is responsible for hosting the fixture and completing all necessary entries on the scorecard. Also please always enter the name of who submitted and holds the original card in case clarification is needed.
3-Oct-17 We don't currently have a press secretary But Andrew from the Guardian is now checking the press notes space on the scorecards and might use anything that captains draw his attention to. So please wax lyrical about any notable performances from either team in your games. see this weeks article
3-Oct-17 Well here I am in Sunny Portugal and I have tried the remote connection which works but is a bit laggy. Anyway see how we go!
29-Sep-17 John is on holiday for the following 3 weeks, so the website may fall behind until he returns please be patient. I will try to update from portugal but if problems get in the way we can stockpile the scorecards online. Any issues in my absence should be referred to Dave Motherwell or Russ Joynson. (see contacts page).
16-Sep-17 Indication of home teams playing other than Monday added to fixtures list - to help finding an available substitute.
1-Sep-17 Qualifying Fixtures are now on the website for Q 2017-18- click here
21-Jun-17 AGM Wednesday  21st June 2017, 7:30 @ WPRC, - 2017 AGM minutes


2016-17 Information
12-Apr-17 Advance notice for Cheshire CTTA SENIOR Closed Championships will be held on Sunday 21 May 2017 click here to download entry form with details. ENTRIES CLOSE 14 May 17
28-Mar-17 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - minutes 1703
4-Mar-17 Unfortunately Destroyers have also now retired. All previous Destroyers games have been voided and future games are now shown as Free week 3.
7-Feb-17 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - cancelled
15-Jan-17 Davenham CC have decided that they cannot manage to run two teams, so the Davenham CC team have retired and they will continue as one team Davenham Destroyers, Lee Rushworth will continue as captain and contact. All previous Davenham CC games have been voided and future games are now shown as Free week 2.
8-Jan-17 First day of Championships Sunday Lostock 10:30
3-Jan-17 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - minutes 1701
14-Dec-16 CHAMPIONSHIPS - Entry form now open for 2016-17 Please get in your entries before 1/1/17 click here
5-Dec-16 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - minutes 1612
24-Nov-16 We have two new teams playing at Davenham CC. Venue details can be found under Contacts
20-Nov-16 Winsford have now switched their home night to Tuesdays.
7-Nov-16 The room at Victoria is now available earlier so Victoria & Valiants have now reverted to a normal start time of 7:30.
1-Nov-16 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - minutes 1611
21-Oct-16 An outstanding performance by Bears saw them overcome the usually dominant Hawks by a wide margin of 8-2. Bears drew level on points with Hawks in the table, spurred by two good wins for relative newcomer Ciprian Mihalace.
21-Oct-16 A first double victory for John Pickering since returning from a 10 year break, saw Snakes overtake Vikings in the table with a noteable 7-3 victory
21-Oct-16 The press comments field on the scorecard was updated with this message -
Home Captains; please use these two lines to comment on the match for possible press release. mention any notable performances by individuals and comment if the match result was unexpected or if it had a significant effect on the table?
20-Oct-16 Anyone for tennis? there's a new outdoor table at Linnards Lane playing field, Wincham! read here
20-Oct-16 Northwich Guardian report here
13-Oct-16 Unfortunately Leopards are unable to continue in the Qualifying term after week 5, All their previous games have been voided. There will be Free weeks in Group one where they were scheduled to play.
4-Oct-16 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - minutes 1610
6-Sep-16 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - minutes 1609
6-Sep-16 Apologies for having to make a few late changes to the published fixtures. These were necessary due to transcription errors from the agreed final list.
2-Aug-16 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - Minutes 1608
14-Jul-16 The long running saga of Blades v Crusaders has now been finalised. A very full committee of 8 peers considered a detailed adjudication using current performance percentages as early as April. Only clear wins were awarded to each team and this left the finishing position of the division on a knife edge.  The process of adjudication requires that the option to replay cannot be pursued by either team if they do not like the result of the adjudication. Accordingly the committee withheld the adjudication and firmly instructed the game to be rearranged. Despite the committee's best endeavours Crusaders resisted all attempts to persuade them to play the game. This was in fact in their own best interest but it was not appropriate for that information or the score to be released. Crusaders resigned from the league and the committee have reluctantly accepted that the match will never be played so the adjudicated result has now been adopted and published with the other league results.
The committee regrets the painful outcome but the options were very carefully considered, fair to all parties and the committee would still deal with these events in the same way. Members should appreciate that the committee has no reason to favour any one team or individual over any other. Some members devote a lot of their own personal time and effort in running the league and do not wish to be involved in such tedious disputes. The league rules have been extended and amplified as discussed at AGM to make the process clearer and avoid a similar situation occurring in future.
5-Jul-16 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - Minutes 1607
21-Jun-16 AGM Wednesday  21th June 2016, 7:30 @ WPRC, - 2016 AGM Minutes