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The New Season starts on Sept 10th - Fixtures are here
A few teams details have changed - Please see the noticeboard


2016-17 Information
12-Apr-17 Advance notice for Cheshire CTTA SENIOR Closed Championships will be held on Sunday 21 May 2017 click here to download entry form with details. ENTRIES CLOSE 14 May 17
28-Mar-17 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - minutes 1703
4-Mar-17 Unfortunately Destroyers have also now retired. All previous Destroyers games have been voided and future games are now shown as Free week 3.
7-Feb-17 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - cancelled
15-Jan-17 Davenham CC have decided that they cannot manage to run two teams, so the Davenham CC team have retired and they will continue as one team Davenham Destroyers, Lee Rushworth will continue as captain and contact. All previous Davenham CC games have been voided and future games are now shown as Free week 2.
8-Jan-17 First day of Championships Sunday Lostock 10:30
3-Jan-17 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - minutes 1701
14-Dec-16 CHAMPIONSHIPS - Entry form now open for 2016-17 Please get in your entries before 1/1/17 click here
5-Dec-16 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - minutes 1612
24-Nov-16 We have two new teams playing at Davenham CC. Venue details can be found under Contacts
20-Nov-16 Winsford have now switched their home night to Tuesdays.
7-Nov-16 The room at Victoria is now available earlier so Victoria & Valiants have now reverted to a normal start time of 7:30.
1-Nov-16 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - minutes 1611
21-Oct-16 An outstanding performance by Bears saw them overcome the usually dominant Hawks by a wide margin of 8-2. Bears drew level on points with Hawks in the table, spurred by two good wins for relative newcomer Ciprian Mihalace.
21-Oct-16 A first double victory for John Pickering since returning from a 10 year break, saw Snakes overtake Vikings in the table with a noteable 7-3 victory
21-Oct-16 The press comments field on the scorecard was updated with this message -
Home Captains; please use these two lines to comment on the match for possible press release. mention any notable performances by individuals and comment if the match result was unexpected or if it had a significant effect on the table?
20-Oct-16 Anyone for tennis? there's a new outdoor table at Linnards Lane playing field, Wincham! read here
20-Oct-16 Northwich Guardian report here
13-Oct-16 Unfortunately Leopards are unable to continue in the Qualifying term after week 5, All their previous games have been voided. There will be Free weeks in Group one where they were scheduled to play.
4-Oct-16 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - minutes 1610
6-Sep-16 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - minutes 1609
6-Sep-16 Apologies for having to make a few late changes to the published fixtures. These were necessary due to transcription errors from the agreed final list.
2-Aug-16 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - Minutes 1608
14-Jul-16 The long running saga of Blades v Crusaders has now been finalised. A very full committee of 8 peers considered a detailed adjudication using current performance percentages as early as April. Only clear wins were awarded to each team and this left the finishing position of the division on a knife edge.  The process of adjudication requires that the option to replay cannot be pursued by either team if they do not like the result of the adjudication. Accordingly the committee withheld the adjudication and firmly instructed the game to be rearranged. Despite the committee's best endeavours Crusaders resisted all attempts to persuade them to play the game. This was in fact in their own best interest but it was not appropriate for that information or the score to be released. Crusaders resigned from the league and the committee have reluctantly accepted that the match will never be played so the adjudicated result has now been adopted and published with the other league results.
The committee regrets the painful outcome but the options were very carefully considered, fair to all parties and the committee would still deal with these events in the same way. Members should appreciate that the committee has no reason to favour any one team or individual over any other. Some members devote a lot of their own personal time and effort in running the league and do not wish to be involved in such tedious disputes. The league rules have been extended and amplified as discussed at AGM to make the process clearer and avoid a similar situation occurring in future.
5-Jul-16 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - Minutes 1607
21-Jun-16 AGM Wednesday  21th June 2016, 7:30 @ WPRC, - 2016 AGM Minutes

2015-16 Information
21-Jun-16 AGM 2016, 7:30@WPRC. Teams are reminded that they are required by the establishment rules to send at least one representative and will be fined if not represented.
14-Jun-16 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - Minutes 1606
3-May-16 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - Minutes 1605
27-Apr-16 Finals Night Winnington Park Recreation Centre
13-Apr-16 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - Minutes 1604
19-Mar-16 Booking for Finals Night Buffet now open. We are approaching the end of the season but please don't shoot off to start playing tennis or cricket before booking your seats to support all those that have won through to play in front of everybody at Finals night on 27th April 2016. Don't forget Divisional winners and runners up have trophy presentations/ photographs. Click the scrolling banner above.
14-Mar-16 Table Tennis at Delamere: We have been invited by the Forestry Commision staff at Delamere to provide coaches and host a series of "Have a go" Table Tennis sessions at Delemere on their new concrete outdoor table. Sessions will be aimed at the general public and free to all. A schedule has been drawn up with 2 volunteers from our ranks who will be in charge on each date. Click here for details
1-Mar-16 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - Minutes 1603
27-Feb-16 New format on fixtures tab to single column for each division, allows all fixture for week to be seen side by side. The old format was designed for printing, but I don't think anybody prints it?  Let me know if anybody has a problem with it.
2-Feb-16 Committee meeting - cancelled. Next meeting 1-Mar-16, 7:30 @ WPRC
24-Jan-16 2015-16 MCTTL Closed - point by point Analysis for Anoraks click here
24-Jan-16 2015-16 MCTTL Closed - Full results for 24th  click here
13-Jan-16 2015-16 MCTTL Closed - Draw & start times for the 24th released click here
11-Jan-16 Middlewich High matches will now be in the canteen and commence at 8:00pm on two tables. Their thanks are extended to all captains for allowing them all home matches.
10-Jan-16 2015-16 MCTTL Closed - Analysis for Anoraks click here
8-Jan-16 2015-16 MCTTL Closed - Draw & start times for the 10th released click here
5-Jan-16 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - Minutes 1601
9-Dec-15 2015-16 MCTTL Closed Entry form now open click here
7-Dec-15 2015-16 Superleague fixtures released click here
1-Dec-15 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - Minutes 1512
15-Nov-15 2015-16 MIKE JOHNS HANDICAP DRAW RELEASED click here
3-Nov-15 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - Minutes 1511
29-Oct-15 Thankyou to most captains who are putting in a great effort to get cards in on time. But there are still some exceptions.
I spend a lot of time maintaining the website and updating results. We try to do this promptly to get results and reports into the newspaper. 
In the past It has been even more time consuming and frustrating, chasing missing scorecards when it sometimes takes several calls to get hold of somebody to discus a missing card and then I might get told another person has the card, so start again!
So we now have a new policy:
Home teams failing to return a result properly & on time will be highlighted in red on the fixtures list and the committee may consider sanctions for repeat failures.
28-Oct-15 Junior table tennis Coaching sessions will re-commence on Monday November 2nd 2015 at Lostock Youth centre, Works Lane, Lostock. The sessions run from 5.30 until 7pm and cost £5 per session
8-Oct-15 Thanks to all captains for a good response on scorecards - all in this week by Thursday noon even with 3 Wednesday matches!
6-Oct-15 Thanks to all captains for responding promptly to the request for fees. At the committee meeting tonight all fees were settled and no fines were needed.
2-Oct-15 2-Oct-2015
The deadline has passed & Cheques have been received for only 5 teams. All outstanding fees must be paid NOW - on or before Tuesday 6th October. Teams in default will be fined £10 per week.
All cheques must be hand delivered or posted to reach Bob Barton at 27 Carisbrook Drive, Winsford, CW7 1LN by the morning of 6th August 2015 so that he can report them to the committee meeting that evening, 7:30 at WPRC. Alternatively cheques may be delivered personally by the captain or a representative to the committee meeting.

Any teams not meeting this requirement will be in breach of the league's rules and will be fined £10 for every week (ending at 19:30 on Tuesdays) that their fees remain outstanding. Any such teams will also be docked 10 points per week. Docked points will be restored when the fees (& fine) are paid.

We were hoping that captains would now be familiar with the requirements for fees and take the responsibility for this without any need for committee involvement.
However in view of the lack of response and need to satisfy Table Tennis England (formerly TTE) requirements and deadlines we have again published our understanding of the fees due for each team, itemised per player. The MCTTL fee is standard at £5 per player inc juniors. However the TTE fee is based on information from team registration forms & subsequent changes, combined with the TTE database.
Captains must confirm with each player if the understanding we have listed for them is incorrect. Captains must then forward one cheque for their corrected total for the team to Bob Barton with a full written explanation of any variations.

If any variations are found please provide full details and evidence to avoid protracted email/telephone exchanges which are very time consuming.

30-Sep-15 Anybody trying to access the online scorecard with an iPad might find help here. Click here.
27-Sep-15 Problems with scorecards
We're only in week 2 of the new season and some cards are already coming in late and with errors.
I really need the cards to be right coming in from captains otherwise it gives me too much extra work. 
I have to deal with cards coming in from 21 captains!
  1. Please make sure cards are returned by the HOME captain within 24hrs of the match, legible and correct.
  2. Please make sure cards are entered with the correct home team on the LEFT, and
  3. Please use the online scorecard to submit results.

The online scorecard is designed to be an easy process and minimise the typing required, it calculates the averages for each player and gives the captain opportunity to check and decide on any incorrect or illegible handwriting, which is easier for him because he was there at the match.
Because of the number of problems, incorrect cards will now be entered incorrectly on the website to penalise/signal the home captain to contact
john@mcttl.co.uk and ask for it to be corrected.

18-Sep-15 News Release Click here, Good coverage in he Guardian Click here.
14-Sep-15 First week of Qualifying fixtures
5-Sep-15 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - Minutes 1509
28-Aug-15 2015-16 Qualifying fixtures released - click here
4-Aug-15 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - Minutes 1508
25-Jun-15 AGM Wednesday 24th June 2015, 7:45 @ WPRC, - 2015 AGM Minutes


2014-15 Information
24-Jun-15 AGM is 24/6/15, 7:30@WPRC. Teams are reminded that they are required by the establishment rules to send at least one representative and will be fined if not represented.
Any proposals for rule changes must be submitted in writing to the Secretary by 24/5/15.
2-June-15 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - Minutes 1506
14-May-15 Team registration for 2015/16 opened on website. All teams must re-register before AGM.
1-May-15 Server problems resolved - now on new server - all should be working fine.
22-Apr-15 Apologies for some delays to updates - trying to resolve some problems on the server.
7-Apr-15 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - Minutes 1504
3-Mar-15 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - Minutes 1503
6-Jan-15 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - Minutes 1501
16-Dec-14 Closed Championship Entry form opened on Website (Entries close 4/1/15 for Draw)
10-Dec-14 Please note the Calendar has been revised to avoid problems at Christmas and the end of the season (see last tab on league results spreadsheet) 
10-Dec-14 Superleague fixtures released on web. Captains please check your home fixtures are all ok (and don't clash with other teams using the same venue/night) and that you play all other teams once home and away!
9-Dec-14 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - Minutes 1412
2-Dec-14 Committee meeting - put back one week
24-Nov-14 Revised bandings released for MJHKO.
21-Nov-14 We have received the sad news that one of our league members Barry Harding has passed away this Tuesday. The funeral will be held at 1:30pm on Wednesday 26th November at St Mary's Church, Nantwich. Peter Clark and Dave Nelson will be attending and any other league members may join with them if they wish to pay their respects.
19-Nov-14 Handicap Draw 14-15 published on website.
16-Nov-14 Championship dates fixed in calendar (last tab of results tables)
Sunday 4/1/15  & Monday 5/1/15
4-Nov-14 Committee meeting - 7:30 @ WPRC - Minutes 1411
Agenda: draw for MJHKO,
agree dates for Championships on Calendar
update on fees, new signings, new players to TTE
Late Cards - consider fines
16-Oct-14 Junior coaching begins on Sunday 26th Oct 2014 at 9am - 10.30am, prior to the adult session Any help from senior players would be appreciated. (If every player came just once, life would be great). Sessions run every Sunday.
7-Oct-14 Committee meeting - 7:30 @  - WPRC - Minutes 1410
5-Oct-14 Explanation of Fees collection for captains expanded  click here
19-Sep-14 Manweb revived and renamed team HUT.
15-Sep-14 Manweb withdrew their team at last minute. Discussions are taking place to see if the team can be rescued.
15-Sep-14 Some fixtures require re-arrangement. WPRC not available in w/c 15/9/14 due to preparations for beer festival
9-Sep-14 Some fixtures re-arranged to facilitate wheelchair access.
3-Sep-14 2014-15 Fixtures released
2-Sep-14 Committee meeting - 7:30 @  - WPRC - Minutes 1409
13-Aug-14 Rule changes made after AGM - (click here)
5-Aug-14 Committee meeting - 7:30 @  - WPRC - Minutes 1408
25-Jun-14 AGM Wednesday 25th June 2014, 7:45 @ WPRC, at least one representative required from each team for voting! Teams not represented may be fined - 2014 AGM Minutes


2013-14 Information
3-June-14 Committee meeting - 7:45 @  - WPRC - Minutes 1406
21-May-14 Alf Perry Wins two silver medals in over 85 Singles and doubles at the World Veterans Championships in New Zealand.
13-May-14 Champion of Champions Event (North West). Won by our MCTTL Champion Shaun Hall.
Shaun overcame a field of 6 Champions from surrounding leagues and beat Mal McEvoy 4-1 in an enthralling final
1-Apr 14 Committee meeting - 7:45 @  - WPRC - Minutes 1404
Some comments/complaints have been received regarding language/expletives used during matches. Will all Captains please ensure that their players do not allow themselves to use such language. This is not a necessary or acceptable part of our sport. Particular care should be given where ladies or youth members are involved. Committee will consider imposing fines on teams or individuals if incidents occur after this notice.
4-Mar-14 Committee meeting - 7:45 @  - WPRC - Minutes 1403
12 Feb 14 Scorecard updated with special version for MJHKO
6-Feb-14 Veronica Nicholas has resigned and George Berry has taken over as captain of Kinetics.
4-Feb-14 Committee meeting - 7:45 @  - WPRC - Minutes 1402
15 Jan 14 Andy Seward, Chairman of the TTE, passed away today (January 15, 2014).
3-Dec-13 Committee meeting - 7:45 @  - WPRC - Minutes 1312
14-Nov-13 We are currently trying to establish two new teams
New players needed NOW! - If you are thinking of joining the league now is the time - new teams need more depth! The Current league comprising 19 teams is problematic after the split into the Super-leagues. Splitting into 3 gives us one division of 7 and two of six. The division of 7 has to be worked for a division of 8 by incorporating a free week for one team every week. That's not too bad but the two divisions of 6 have to be padded out with two free weeks and only have two games each week between the other 4 teams. In order to avoid this we are trying to establish two new teams. We have the bones of these teams but really need some additional players  to give more people for those teams to call on for inevitable absences. So if you are reading this and thinking of starting to play (or maybe return to playing again) of if any existing members have contacts that could be persuaded to join the league and these new teams please fill in a player form
here or contact John and pass on their details as soon as possible, even after the new Super-league season kicks off on December 2nd.
29-Oct-13 Committee meeting - 7:45 @  - WPRC - Minutes 1311
Sadly Alf Southall passed away last week
Alf  Southall's  funeral is on Thursday 11.40  at Walton Lea Crematorium
He has over many years played in Halton League
and also at various times Chester, Mid Cheshire, Warrington and Liverpool
2-Oct-13 Calendar updated
1-Oct-13 Committee meeting - 7:45 @ WPRC - Minutes 1310
23-Sep-13 Venues and Contacts page updated, section on availability for rearranged fixtures added - please notify any other possibilities of availability at any other venues.
12-Sep-13 Please pay all subs through your captain before 30th Sept. MCCTL £4, TTE £8 (£4 juniors) One cheque for TTE registrations will be posted on 30th Sept anyone not paid by then will have to pay TTE individually.
11-Sep-13 Changes made to a few pages on the website and league spreadsheet to use standard acronyms for locations.
3-Sep-13 Committee meeting - 7:45 @ WPRC - Minutes 1309
30-Aug-13 WPRC not available for w/c 16/9/13 - three matches brough forward to 9/9/13
27-Aug-13 CMC 1 adopt the name CMC Falcons, CMC 2 become CMC Blades
19-Aug-13 Captains: Please Ensure you have all your players registered through the team form - players not recorded on the averages tables 24hrs before any game will have any games won deducted!
6-Aug-13 Committee meeting - 7:45 @ WPRC - Minutes 1308
19-Jun-13 AGM - 7:45 @ WPRC - AGM 2013 minutes


2012-13 Information
4-Jun-13 Committee meeting - 7:45 @ WPRC - Minutes 1306
6-Mar-13 Committee meeting - 7:45 @ WPRC - Minutes 1303
5-Feb-13 Note from Committee: Double hit rule
The committee discussed a recent incident where a fault was called where a player accidentally double hit a ball. All players please note well that this is now no longer a fault unless two clear and separate strokes are made to hit the ball.
5-Feb-13 Committee meeting - 7:45 @ WPRC - Minutes 1302
2-Feb-13 W/C 4/2/13 - MIKE JOHNS H'CAP K.O. Q/FINALS
21-Dec-12 Championship Entries are now officially closed - but some extra places may be accommodated up to & even on the night of the event - if the draw allows
9-Dec-12 Ian Oakes transfered from RILI to Cuddington.
5-Dec-12 Entry form for championships released
4-Dec-12 Committee meeting - 7:45 @ WPRC - Minutes 1212
3-Dec-12 Super league starts
21-Nov-12 super-league Fixtures released - click here

Qualifying results will continue to be available under Competitions/League/League Archives or click here

7-Nov-12 Note from Committee: The league rules have always required scorecards to be posted within 24hrs of each match by the home captain. If a card is lost in the post it is very difficult to replace. To avoid loss original scorecards should now be retained by the home captain so they can be re-sent again if required. The online scorecard should be used to return results within 24hrs of each match. Any delayed results spoil the picture on the league tables and obstruct efforts to get regular reports promptly to the Guardian. It is also unfair on teams that do make sure their results are promptly returned.
6-Nov-12 Committee meeting - 7:45 @ WPRC - Minutes 1211
26-Nov-12 Captains - All outstanding team fees must be paid by Oct 31st - teams not paid after this date will be sanctioned. All future scores will be voided until fees are paid. Please see the averages pages on results spreadsheet for status of your fees.
11-Oct-12 Mini refresh of website - please report any problems to John
10-Oct-12 Training now open for juniors (11-17) Tuesdays 6:00pm to 7:30pm at Lostock.
10-Oct-12 Substitutes list opened to all for editing, link removed from front page, now accessed under Organisation/Interactive facilities (or click here)
9-Oct-12 Committee meeting - 7:45 @ WPRC - cancelled
27-Aug-12 Interactive substitutes list added - click here
22-Aug-12 Calendar for 2012-13 and Fixtures for qualifying period released
21-Aug-12 Committee meeting - 7:45 @ WPRC - minutes 1208
31-Jul-12 Latest date for team registrations
23-Jun-12 Lostock will be open for practise on Monday nights in the close season, free to Lostock members, non members £3
22-Jun-12 2012 Rule changes updated on website click here
20-Jun-12 AGM (Annual General Meeting) - Wednesday 20th June 2012 at 7:30 WPRC - AGM 2012 minutes


2011-12 Information
29-May-12 Committee meeting - 7:45 @ WPRC - minutes 1205
6-May-12 Team entry form for next season open on the web. Please confirm your team entry for next year as soon as possible.
20-Apr-12 News Release 120420
10-Apr-12 Committee meeting - 7:45 @ WPRC - minutes 1204
26-Mar-12 News Release 120326
17-Mar-12 Entries for the MCTTL 2012 Junior Tournament now open, closing date for entries Friday 30th March click here
12-Mar-12 News Release 120312
6-Mar-12 Committee meeting - 7:45 @ WPRC - minutes 1203
20-Feb-12 A situation has recently arisen where a team declared they were unable to field any players at all for a fixture and asked for a postponement.
The current rules state:
23. All matches should be played as per fixture book. Matches cannot be postponed due to lack of team players.
To give a postponement to any team would give them an advantage over teams that have already sacrificed games because of lack of one or two players.
After much deliberation it has been decided that in such cases there are only two choices.
  1. The match may be played on a rearranged date without points counting ("as a friendly") or
  2. the match may be forfeited (and the other captain notified).

Either way the result will be recorded as 10-0 against the team unable to complete the fixture on the scheduled night.

7-Feb-12 Committee meeting - 7:45 @ WPRC - minutes 1202
14-Feb-12 News Release 120214

Championship Open Doubles & drawn Doubles. results click here

4-Jan-12 Championship Vets Singles, Doubles, div2 singles, div3 singles RESULTS click here
2-Jan-12 Championship Singles - results click here
31-Dec-11 Championships, Schedule for 2nd published click here. Please check to see when you need to arrive for the singles. Later nights to follow.
12-Dec-11 News Release 121211

Entry Form published for Closed Championships

7-Dec-11 Committee meeting - minutes 1112
16-Nov-11 News Release 111116
15-Nov-11 Superleague Fixtures released.

Structure of website adjusted. Results and archives are now accessed under the relevant competition. The hotlinks still go directly to key areas but they have been simplified removing the java content that gave the effect of buttons moving down on mouse over. This might have given problems on some browsers.


Draft Superleague fixtures published, Captains please check for problems, click here.
1-Nov-11 Wording Change to rules, made by committee under clause 6d7 of the Establishment rules: clause "If a team was ready to complete a match but was prevented by the other team, they may submit a claim for the match." moved from rule 34 to rule 35. This is to make rule 34 applicable to claims for invalidity of substitutes etc. ie Any claims must now be made within 7 days of match end.
1-Nov-11 Handicap Bandings reviewed based on Qualifying averages.
1-Nov-11 Committee meeting - Minutes 1111
1-Nov-11 Calendar updated on website
12-Oct-11 John is currently spending a lot of time and effort in trying to align our records with the TTE IM database. Will all captains please confirm their fee payments and specific player queries as a matter of urgency. Some of our members have already been threatened with having games deducted in other leagues for non-payment of fees.
5-Oct-11 Junior coaching resumes at Weaverham High School, from 13-Oct-11, 7 to 9 pm every Thusday, £5 per session (£4 for members).
5-Oct-11 As from Sunday 25th Sept Lostock will be open for general practice to all members from 12.00 to 1.30 the cost is included in Lostock membership.
5-Oct-11 Lostock organised training session resumed from  25-Sep-11 at 10.30 to 12.00 every Sunday,  which is open to all at a cost of £4 per session.
5-Oct-11 Winsford Venue on contacts page corrected to Nixon Drive.
4-Oct-11 Results added to fixtures tables on results spreadsheet.
4-Oct-11 Committee meeting - Minutes 1110
17-Sep-11 Four cards missing at the end of week 2. This hampers updating the stats and reporting in the guardian. Please return all cards by the end of the week played.
8-Sep-11 Victoria Club Venue added to contacts page. Directions and map here


Committee meeting -  Minutes 1109
29-Aug-11 nb there is an omission on the printed cards in Week 7 Div One, LTTC1 v LTTC3 
23-Aug-11 Individual fixture cards have been printed for every player. Captains please collect cards from Rosebank sports and distribute to your team.
1-Aug-11 Quaifying fixtures published. Captains please double check your own contact details, and report any errors before the cards are printed. Click Here


Committee meeting -  Minutes 1108
19- Jul-11 Committee meeting -  Minutes 1107
5-Jul-11 AGM minutes published click here
2-Jul-11 Our Helen McCreary is jumping out of a plane for a very good cause - click to donate
17-Jun-11 The email address for entries to the transfer market had an error - now corrected. Please resubmit click if you sent an entry before today.
8-June-11 AGM  Wednesday 8th June 2011, 7:30 - 9:00 - Thanks to all who attended, a lively discussion resulted in adoption of a rule change to the effect of "No Player Postponements" for the coming season. Postponements will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances (or Lancs & Cheshire commitments)
2010-11 Information
7-Jun-11 Revised IM list received from TTE - Click
27-May-11 Transfer window open... click. Email john@mcttl.co.uk to go on the list.
3-May-11 Committee meeting -  Minutes 1105
26-Apr-11 We have today received our list of IM registration numbers. If any corrections are necessary please send details  to john@mcttl.co.uk with the subject IM. Special attention is required for some members who are shown as unpaid.  
26-Apr-11 IM letter received from TTE - Click
26-Apr-11 IM List MCTTL - Click
13-Apr-11 Finals Night on Wednesday at WPRC Click here for photos or here for results
11-Apr-11 Mike Johns Handicap KO Final (Probably at WPRC on Monday)
5-Apr-11 Committee meeting - minutes 1104
4-Apr-11 Mike Johns Handicap KO Semi Finals
10-Mar-11 Only emailed scorecard pics and interactive scorecards can be recorded when John is away.
4-Mar-11 New version of Electronic scorecard launched (ver 5.0 - click here)
5-Feb-11 Wharton Fixtures will be played at New Images Youth Club, Nixon Drive, Winsford until further notice.
3-Feb-11 Committee meeting -  minutes 1102
27-Jan-11 When John is away, as happens sometimes, cards sent by post cannot be processed until he returns. If cards are sent by email they can still be processed as received. This is the preferred method for card return, the rules say only a copy should be sent by post (originals should be retained by home captains so there is no chance of the original being lost).
7-Jan-11 Some late places invited:- One place needed for a stand-in for the 2/3 Singles, up to another 7 places open for drawn doubles, one place needed for a stand-in for the Supervets Singles and another pair welcome for the Supervets doubles
11-Jan-11 Supervets events now confirmed Tuesday 11th Jan
5-Jan-11 n.b. it is necessary to reshedule the supervets events as the hall is not available on  this date. Watch here for update asap (pos Jan 11th - tbc)
4-Jan-11 transfers confirmed Lucie Brione to Weavers, Mike Brittan to Wharton 2
4-Jan-11 Committee meeting -  minutes 1101
3-Jan-11 Singles Night - results online +videos
2-Jan-11 Championship Schedule Clarified - Starts at 7:00pm (NOT am)
23-Dec-10 Championship Draw Published click here
17-Dec-10 Closing date for Entries to Championships- Draw on 18th
8-Dec-10 Entries open for championships click here
7th-Dec-10 Committee meeting -  minutes here
2-Nov-10 Super league Fixture cards distributed through captains
19-Nov-10 Super League Fixture Published
16-Nov-10 Calendar updated
14-Nov-10 Lee Maher transferred from Wharton1 to Lostock2
9-Nov-10 Season Calendar added - so you can see what's happening all year
5-Nov-10 Handicap Draw published - click here
4-Nov-10 Handicap bandings revised by committee based on qualifying period averages
2-Nov-10 Committee meeting -  minutes here
12-Oct-10 New look for the website, don't say you don't like it - it cost THOUSANDS
5-Oct-10 Call for averages to be recorded on future scorecards from today! Please see minutes below
5-Oct-10 Some members have had trouble with other leagues refusing them without a player number from us. The TTE have sent a letter to all leagues asking them to be lenient in such situations. Please refer the other league to the TTE letter. copy here
5-Oct-10 Committee meeting -  minutes here
30-Sep-10  John  Gregson back from Holiday
25-Aug-10 John Gregson is away from 26th August until 29th September. Dave Motherwell will be acting fixtures secretary during this period. Please contact Dave for registrations etc. tel: 559896 email
24-Aug-10 Committee meeting -  minutes here
15-Aug-10 Players names added to register on fixtures spreadsheet (averages). Players names MUST be registered before playing in order for their sets to count. Changes to John by email  (24hrs before match)
14-Aug-10 fixtures - CMC3 home night amended to TUE
13-Aug-10 2010-11 Qualifying fixtures published here

New Roll of Honour started here

04-Aug-10 Committee meeting minutes here
09-Jun-10 AGM minutes here


2009-10 Information
11-May-10 Special meeting with TTE Chairman Alex Murdoch - All members of the league are invited.
Click Here
14-Apr-10 Finals Night Click here for details
03-Feb-10 TTE individual Player registration form  put online to download. All league players must complete one and return to Peter Clarke asap (unless you have already lodged one with another league) link
01-Feb-10 Please post any re-arranged fixtures in the interactive calendar on the website
27-Jan-10 re-structure for website
20-Dec-09 Championship Draw published - Late entries will still be accepted for some events.  Click here to apply.
05-Dec-09 2009-10 Closed championship form online. Early January will be all championship - so if you want to work off the Christmas excesses you need to enter.
20-Nov-09 Super Six fixtures issued - Captains please double check fixtures for errors/clashes and advise asap.
01-Nov-09 For anybody using the spreadsheet to enter scores (as opposed to just printing out a blank card) a zero can be forced by entering 0.1
31-Oct-09 Thanks to Keith bullying me the scoresheet now does winner count properly! (ver:4.0)
30-Oct-09 Update to scoresheet (ver:3.0) - automatic count simple count of winner based on total points scored in all games - this may need to be overwritten in rare circumstances so the fields are unprotected - anyone daring to offer an alternative algorithm is welcome! (john xx)
27-Oct-09 Update to scoresheet (ver:2.0) - online entry duplicates player names after first entry, calculates av's and match result. (Use tab / shift-tab to navigate when entering results)
22-Oct-09 Printable/interactive Scoresheet added - see Competitions page (please fill in week number, division and averages). If you have excel you can print it as a blank to fill-in in biro as normal - or you can type the results in to keep a copy and email to John - remember to rename to identify the fixture e.g. 091022WH2vCMC2.xlsx
06-Oct-09 First Averages published
05-Oct-09 Lostock Hall is closed w/c 5 October scaffolding is still up due to problems with repainting contract
03-Sep-09 2009-10 Club & Team info published
25-Aug-09 2009-10 fixtures published. 
06-Aug-09 New format approved after general vote 





1-April-09 Season Extension: all cards must be returned by 7.4.09

the Handicap Knock Out Final will be played at Lostock TTC on Monday 6 April. All supporters welcome.

1-April-09 Finals night - following the same format as last year – commencing at 7pm and with a buffet to be served after the last game at approx 9 to 9.30pm.  Cost of the buffet will be £5 a head (which is below cost being subsidised by the league)
1-Feb-09 Mid Cheshire Junior closed Entry form issued. All our junior members are encouraged to enter. The finals will be at the grand finals night with supper on Wednesday 1st April.



Gail Johns has taken over Team Secretary of Club Mid Cheshire 2. Tel:01606 331255.

David Hazelhurst has taken over Team Secretary of Wharton 2  Tel: 01606 860305

11-Jan-09 update after two weeks of Championship preliminary rounds click here
10-Dec-08 Mid Cheshire Closed Championships Entry form issued . All league players are encouraged to enter all eligible events which are designed to give a good nights table tennis to all (and to see how the other half lives). Entry fees have been kept low to encourage entries and raise support for the event which will culminate in a grand finals night with supper on Wednesday 1st April.


27-Oct-08 End of first term of league fixtures, all teams should have played each other once.
15-Sep-08 Players registered for each team published in new results table (see team listings under averages). Team Captains please ensure that any new players are notified to the fixtures secretary before playing them.
10-Sep-08 Final Fixtures for new season
5-Sep-08 Second Division
Team 8           Wharton TTC 2         HMN Monday
Venue                        Wharton Y.C. Graville Drive, Winsford
Secretary       David Howarth
                        225 Station Road, Winsford, CW7 3DQ
                        Tel 07789961582
                        Email: daveyred66@hotmail.com
Team 8 will replace the free week in the Division 2 fixture schedule.
Wharton TTC playing venue is the same as last year and not Winnington Park
 Division 2 Fixture List w/c 06/10/08 should read
Wharton TTC  v  WPRC
Lostock 5  v  Wharton TTC 2
30-Aug-08 Draft fixtures for new Season 2008-9 released

9-April-08 Finals and presentation night 7.30 at Winington rec main hall, All welcome click here for program
26-Feb-08 The Handicap semi finals are 
WPRC 2 v Lostock 4
Wharton TTC v Lostock Manweb
Home team secretaries to arrange the playing dates.
11-Feb-08 Mike Johns Funeral. 1.45pm at St Mary’s Church, Church Street, Weaverham, Near Northwich, Cheshire and at 3pm at Walton Lea Crematorium, Walton, Warrington WA4 6TB, followed by light refreshments at the Oaklands Hotel, Millington Lane, Gorstage, Near Northwich, CW8 2SU
4-Feb-08 Sad news of the passing of Mike Johns, RIP
19-Dec-07 Entry form for MCTTL closed published. Only £2 for each event - should be more TT than a match night. Lets have EVERBODY entering to make it a sucess. Details and timetable on the
2-3Jan-08 advance warning championships may need to utilise these nights
17-Dec-07 Handicap competition - only 2 tables are needed for handicap so 2 tables are available for re-arranged matches- contact Peter Clarke - first come!
28-Oct-07 results spreadsheet updated
28-Oct-07 Handicap Draw and bandings published
23-Oct-07 Divisions, Clubs & Teams added from handbook
15-Oct-07 first results and tables published
7-Sep-07 link to the TTE endorsed announcement on glue (adopted by this league)
6-Sep-07 New season 07-08 fixtures published
6-Sep-07 New look and Front page pictures added
5-Sep-07 New photo gallery added

Date Information
17-Jan-07 entries for Mid-Cheshire Closed Championships due in by Monday 5th March 2007
4-Dec-06 Div 2  red Lion venue is changed to Wharton Youth Centre Grenville Drive, Winsford Click here
7-Nov-06 First results and tables published for 2006-7
3-Oct-06 CMC2 have to withdraw from the league - team captains please note - all their fixtures are cancelled
11-Sep-06 Changes to handbook
(web4/12/06) DIv 1 team 3 WPRC 1 Home match night is MONDAY
  Div 1 Team # 6 CMC 3 Home match night is WEDNESDAY
  Div 2 Team # 3 CMC 4 Home match night is WEDNESDAY
  Div 2 Team # 6 WPRC 3 Home match night is TUESDAY
  last seasons notes
28-Aug-06 Final results and averages published for 2005-6 season
15-Dec-05 Second round Handicap Knockout fixtures anounced to be played @ Lostock on January 04th 2006 start time 7.30pm
13-Dec-05 Please support the
Mid Cheshire Table Tennis League
Winnington Park Recreation Club
On Saturday 1st May 2004
13-Dec-05 entries for Cheshire closed Championships due in by Monday 2nd Jan 2006
17-Oct-05 Handicap Knock Out Competition commences

see under results HERE

10-Oct-05 Trial score sheet submission system added

under results page HERE

6-Oct-05 Urgent amendment to fixtures

Please Note it has been necessary to revise the fixtures in order to avoid clashes with Winington Park Rec teams playing on the same night. This arose after fixtures were first changed to accommodate the late entry of WRPC1.  See the revised handbook published here under Rules and Handbook.

Please direct any discussion to the message board.

29-Sep-05 The contractors have confirmed that the floor will be ready for matches to be played on Monday 3rd October.

Please take special care not to damage the surface.

23-Sep-05 Correction to Handbook

WPRC 3 home night is TUESDAY, and Colin Trotman's mobile no is  07708 858103.

14-Sep-05 Mid-Cheshire Closed Championships - 8-Jan-06

The date of this event has been provisionally set for Sunday 08th January 2006 at Egerton Boys Club in Knutsford as usual. As discussed at the AGM we have moved this date forward in the calendar of events for the forthcoming season in an attempt to create more interest and attract more entrants for all the categories on the day. Please make every effort to enter as many of your team / club members as possible.
7-Sep-05 Season Start

The provisional start date for the new season is now the 26th September 2005. The reason that this date is provisional is that the floor at Lostock club is being completely replaced and the builders finish date may slip.

1-Sep-05 League Formation

For the season 2005 / 2006 the league formation will be of 2 divisions Division 1 with 8 teams and Division 2 with 8 teams, all teams will play each other 3 times throughout the season.
  Last season's notes
20-Mar-05 Sunday 20th March,  Mid Cheshire Closed Championships, Eggerton Youth Club, Knutsford. 9.00am.

This event will be held at Egerton Boys Club on Sunday 20th March 2005 commencing at 09.00am.  Click below for an entry form for the day.  Closing date for entries is 14th March 2005 and completed entry forms along with the necessary fee must be returned to Mike Johns prior to this date.  It is intended that the men’s and ladies singles and the open doubles events will commence at approximately 2.00pm, the reason being that people only entering these events then do not have to arrive for the morning session.  Do PLEASE attend this event, this is after all our leagues championship

26-Jan-05 Wednesday, Division two and three singles championships at Lostock, round-robbin knockout Entries on the night BEFORE 7:15 (£1.00) at least 3 games, trophies for each division!

Monday, Division one singles championships at Lostock, round-robbin knockout Entries on the night BEFORE 7:15 (£1.00) at least 3 games, trophies for each division!


New Secretary :Club Mid-Cheshire 6 - Mathew Barber Tel 01606-76863.


New Secretary :Club Mid-Cheshire 5 - Peter Williams Tel 01477-532299.

01-Oct-04 Winnington Pk 2 - Home night changed to Mondays - from Tuesdays as printed in handbook..
01-Oct-04 Lostock 4 - Home night is  Mondays - Not Wednesdays as printed in handbook.