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AGM Wednesday 21st June 2017, 7:30 @ WPRC, - A fine may be imposed on any teams not represented.
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Substitutes List

The facility to use of substitutes forms an important part of our league and is essential to compliment the "no-postponements" policy.

It is also valuable to give experience at different levels and to break down barriers between divisions.

In order to make it easier for captains to find a substitute when needed, we are trying an interactive list of substitutes, players that are keen to play as substitutes. Any  member can add their name to the list and note when they are available or unavailable to play as a substitute.

nb. there is no requirement for substitutes to be on this list before playing - any registered member of any team in the league may play as a substitute for any team of any club (subject to the rules restricting banding).

Captains are asked to invite and encourage their team members to participate in the list.

Please click here to access the list (then click the tabs to read the notes).

Online Scorecard

We have an online scorecard which is working very well and is the preferred method for the return of scores from the league and cup competitions. Using this scorecard which is designed to minimise typing, has the advantage that totals for the averages are automatically calculated and means that captains can retain the original card so that it can't get lost in the post. Alternatively (but not recommended) captains may send a low resolution phone picture (jpg) of the scorecard, a scan or photocopy. In all cases the home captains are expected to retain the original (or a copy) in case the return goes missing.

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Here you can have your say about the league, rules, website and any other issues burning away at you. Let's have a little decorum eh though?....   Members only please! 

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We are always pleased to hear what visiting Table Tennis'ers from other parts of the country and world think about our site after visiting.

Please leave us your comments here... (you dont have to be nice, but try not to swear!)


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