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The League is organised by a management committee that meets monthly, usually on the first Tuesday of every month. Every team captain is automatically a member of the committee and welcome to attend any meeting. 

Establishment Rules

The League is governed by the League Establishment Rules.

Latest News Release

Our press secretary organises a weekly update that is featured in the Northwich Guardian.


The league is renewed every year at an Annual General Meeting in early June.


Unfortunately every year there are some costs that have to be taken care of for playing table tennis.

Interactive Facilities & Feedback

We have a few interactive facilities that you can use to explore and give feedback.

Laws of table tennis

ITTF & TTE announcement on use of Glue

Double Hit Rule

A recent change to the rules is generally little known or misunderstood.

In the past, you were not allowed to hit the ball twice, so if the ball hit your finger, and then bounced off your finger and hit your bat, this was considered a double hit and you lost the point. If the ball had hit your hand and the bat at the same time, then this was not a double hit, and the rally would continue. In recent times the ITTF changed Law to say that the point is lost only if the ball is deliberately hit twice in succession, making it much easier to enforce this rule - accidental double hits (such as when the ball hits your finger and then hits the racket) are now legal, so all the umpire has to do is make sure that he believes the double hit was accidental, not intentional.