Mid Cheshire Table Tennis League

Establishment Rules


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1.      NAME

This association of Table Tennis Clubs shall be called The Mid-Cheshire Table Tennis League and shall be affiliated to the English Table Tennis Association and the Cheshire Table Tennis Association.


Membership shall be open to all clubs or teams within the Mid Cheshire area or as otherwise decided by the Management Committee.

3.      OBJECTS

The Objects of the League shall be:

(a) The advancement of Table Tennis.

(b) To promote, organise and control all tournaments, knockout competitions and matches as deemed advisable by the Management Committee.

(c) To enter a team or teams in any National or County competition as shall be deemed desirable.

(d) To maintain, and where possible, increase the number and standard of the teams, locations and players participating in The Mid-Cheshire Table Tennis League.

4.      OFFICERS

(a) The officers of the League shall be President, Vice President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Fixture Secretary, Press Officer, Inter-league Co-ordinator, Coaching and Development Secretary, County Representative.

(b) All officers shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election.


The control of the affairs of the League shall be vested in a Management Committee consisting of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Fixture Secretary, Press Officer, Inter-league Co-coordinator, Coaching and Development Secretary, County Representative and up to 6 other members, all shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting or as otherwise provided under Rule 6.


(a) A Management Committee shall be held at least once per calendar month during the playing season.

(b) At least 4 members shall be present at such meetings to form a quorum.

(c) Committee members missing 3 meetings in one season without submitting a prior notice of apology or a subsequent satisfactory explanation may be compulsorily retired and shall not he eligible for re-election at the subsequent Annual General Meeting. The vacancy to be dealt with as hereunder provided.

(d) The Management Committee shall have power to:

[d 1] Create and fill any office and fill any vacancy arising during the season amongst the officers of the League.

[d 2] Co-opt any person or persons whom it considers qualified to assist in administration of the affairs of the League.

[d 3] Appoint any sub-committee (and co-opt thereto) to deal with any specific items.

[d 4] The structure of the League will be decided when all entry forms have been received by the elected management Committee.

[d 5] Deal with all claims, protests, disputes and reports etc.

[d 6] Decide all matters relating to penalties etc.

[d 7] Make any consequential amendments to rules arising from alterations adopted by the Annual General Meeting

[d 8] Suspend any player or official for misconduct.

[d 9] Select all representative teams.

[d 10] Accept or reject any application for membership of the league.

[d 11] Appoint TTE and CTTA representatives.



Each club shall pay an annual subscription to be decided annually by the Management Committee, which will include affiliation to the TTE and CTTA and entry into the League Team Challenge Trophy Competition.

8.      FINANCE

The Treasurer shall collect all monies due to the League and shall keep a proper account of all expenditure and shall submit a statement to each Management Committee meeting.

The financial year shall end on the 30 April and a statement up to that date shall be presented duly audited at the Annual General Meeting.

The Treasurer shall keep vouchers and receipts etc. for tile complete ensuing financial year to that in which the transaction occurs.


The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than the 30 June.

Each club provided that all financial obligations have been met, shall send at least one representative per team who will have voting powers at all general meetings (one team, one vote).

A formal notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be sent to all Committee members and the Secretaries of all the registered clubs/teams at least 28 days prior to the meeting. Any team failing to send a representative will be subject to a penalty to be reviewed annually A special general meeting may be called by a resolution of' the Management Committee, or may be convened by the League Secretary within 28 days of written application supported by at least one third of the Annual General Meeting.


Alterations to rules may be made at the Annual General Meeting or at a general meeting specifically called by the Management Committee for such purposes.

Notices of any  proposed alterations or additions to rules shall be made in writing to the League Secretary 28 days before the Annual General Meeting. Notice of such proposed alterations and additions shall be sent by the League Secretary to all clubs at least 7 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.


All events organised by the League shall conform to the rules of TTE,


 The Management Committee shall have the power to deal with any question for which provision is not made in these rules and their decision shall be final.