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2016-17 Superleague fixtures & Results - Tigers do the Double!
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2017 Finals
2016 Finals
2015 Finals
2014 Finals
2013 Finals
2012 Finals
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Here are some video clips of action in the events

2014 Singles Qualifier: Kristian Fijalkows playing Ray Worthington
2014 Singles Quarter Final: Geoff Cummings playing Andy Town
2014 Singles Quarter Final: Shaun Hall playing Craig Lee
2014 Singles Semi Final Terry Turner playing Kristian Fijalkows
2011-12 Singles Semi Final, Terry Turner and Geoff Cummings


2011-12 Vets Final, Winston Duff and Ray Worthington 


Winston serves with right then smashes with left hand! (2012)


2010-11 singles Quarter Finals, Jake Shaw and Fiona Dennett

Winston Duff and George Abbott.

Steve Stockton and Tim Turner

2008-9 singles quarter final between Winston and Jeremy.