Mid Cheshire Table Tennis League



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AGM Wednesday 21st June 2017, 7:30 @ WPRC, - A fine may be imposed on any teams not represented.
2017 Finals night results and pictures


The Annual General Meeting takes place in early June

at Winnington  Recreation Club


All existing teams must re-register for the new season every year. To register your team for next season Please click here

Anyone wishing to register a new team that was not registered last year should first email John.

You are reminded that the Establishment rules require each team to be represented at the AGM by at least one representative.

Any team failing to send a representative will be subject to a penalty to be reviewed annually.

Any proposals for rule changes should be made in writing to the Chairman or Fixtures secretary no later than 28 days before the AGM.

Any proposals for rule changes from members outside of committee should be discussed with at least one member of committee who can then explain the detail and rational of the proposal to committee.

Voting is one vote per team and team secretaries will be circulated with the proposals in order that they may agree their team vote with their members before coming to the AGM to vote.

Team registrations are required to be be completed prior or handed in at the AGM to allow the committee to form the league for the coming season.



Peter Clarke

MCTTL League Chairman